During my recruiting process I got so much help from my coaches, they helped me get into contact with so many schools and helped me find the perfect school for me. Having a coach with so many connections helps so much along the recruiting process but that can’t be the only thing you rely on. A. Lee, 2020, Marshall University

I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for my coaches. Coach Damion, specifically, has fine tuned my skills and molded me into being the independent & motivated student athlete that I am. Throughout the recruitment process, Coach Damion guided me through its endeavors and worked hard to get me on the radars of college coaches. He was persistent and determined to get all his players committed and gave 110% to each and every one of us. Coach Damion has been one of the most supportive liaisons, coaches, and role models I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I signed my N.L.I. back in November of 2017 as coach Damion sat front row. Although I have already embarked on my college career under new head coaches, Damion still makes an effort to keep in contact with his previous players, and for that I truly respect and look up to Damion as he will always be my coach.A. Acosta, 2018, Pace University

Through my recruiting process I learned two very important things: communication and reliability. My coaches were very helpful in getting me the connections that I needed but I didn’t give the same effort. I was a very poor communicator and that cost me big time. Thankfully, I learned from my mistakes and with Coach Damion’s help and encouragement I found a great school for me, but I wish I picked up in everything sooner. I’m glad coach never gave up on me.O. Lee, 2020, Holy Names University

In the beginning of my recruiting process I was never aware of what I needed to do to get in contact with coaches. When first joining Coach D’s team we had meetings on what we needed for a college coach to show interest and come out to the games. I learned throughout my process that you must learn to communicate and contact coaches from programs you are interested in joining. In my recruiting process with Iowa, Coach D helped my communication with them after they had expressed interest in me.A. Desena, 2020, Iowa University

When someone takes the time to recount a positive experience, it speaks volumes. Throughout my life, I have always played softball and my dream was to go and play Division 1. My dad was a big part in helping me prepare for my future as a Jayhawk. I learned a lot from him. I grew as a player and I watched as he grew as a coach. He taught me a lot of skills that are useful on and off the field. I have a strong belief that all players deserve the experience of a great coach who can teach you to love the game just like my dad did for me.M. Wynne, 2019, Kansas University, Oklahoma State University

Coach Damion was the first coach that I played for who really started my recruiting process. He works so hard to get his players recruited while at the same time working on player development, physically and mentally. I would not be where I am in my softball career today without Coach D! Kate Judy, 2021, Cal Poly SLO

For me, the recruiting process was a long and hard one. I had a lot of doors close on me, but because of the persistence of my travel ball coaches I was able to find the program that I could call home. Coach Wynne was a huge support during the process- he encouraged me to go to camps and used his contacts with colleges throughout the country to connect me with some amazing schools and opportunities. I didn’t commit until May of my senior year, but Coach Wynne and the rest of the staff were there every step of the way and continued advocating for me, despite the fact that I was such a late recruit. A. Trierweiler, 2019, Santa Clara University